New Access Technology: Transponder System for Gated communities in Florida


 Easy to install. Easy to use. Long duration!

Best price on the market because we import direct without intermediaries. You can save a lot of money.
One Year Warranty

Transponder System Equipment* for a single Entrance Gate


*We can install it for an additional $260 (optional)

Wiegand RFID System, the control board send the open command to the gate

Control System Gate offer:

  • Stock of all components.
  • Authorized technical repair service Transponder (antenna).
  • Immediately delivery of new tags with customized numbers.
  • All programming codes are the property of the buyers.

Description of your transponder access system:

  • No maintenance.
  • No need to install an intercom and other panels.
  • Range 10 m (30 feet) from the antenna to car windshield.
  • Just 1 memory board accepts 40,000 users.
  • Tags do not need batteries.
  • Tags are nearly invisible and non-transferable.


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Transponder and Tags for Automatic Access Control


Attention property managers,

Our main technician will be in Miami-Dade and Broward 10/29 – 11/03 doing presentations about how the System RFID (transponder) works. The system includes a tag or sticker installed in vehicles for automatic access control entrance to condominiums and apartment buildings.
Contact: to schedule a visit. No cost and no obligations.Free 5 tags.


Stickers in Vehicles for Automatic Access to Condominiums and Apartment Buildings

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It is a sophisticated access system that uses stickers (tags) that allows residents to enter their condominiums or apartment buildings safely. It’s more effective than remote controls and access cards that easily deteriorate, get stolen or lost, and allow of people not authorized by the administration.

The adhesive tag contains a microprocessor that communicates with an antenna installed in the entrance of the condominium or apartment building. It allows the radio frequency identifier (antenna) to detect if the code of the tag has authorized access. The identifier sends an open command to the gate allowing the resident’s vehicle to enter safely. It is usually handled using long range vehicle tag readers that scan an active tag located on the vehicle on the windshield, rear view mirror or bumper.

It is an automated security access system that provides greater security to the resident and better control of access by the administration of the condominium or apartment building.


• The tag (sticker) does not require a battery
• The tag (sticker) is small and does not hinder visibility.
• The tag (sticker) can be installed on the windshield, in the rear view mirror or on the bumper.
• The tag (sticker) is difficult to get lost.
• The reading range depends on the size of the antenna. It can reach up to 35 feet between the car and the antenna.
• The system allows you to store up to 40,000 users.
• The system works in UHF band legalized by U.S.


Trap System for Extra Safety in Properties’ Gates: One Car at a Time

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Gate operators are very slow and by the time they close, they have let in the car behind an authorized car.  If they do not have a remote control or access card they should not enter without authorization, which poses a danger to other authorized residents.

The closing speed of the automatic gate’s operators is regulated by codes to avoid accidents and its mechanical or electronic alteration is prohibited. One of the solutions to prevent a second car from entering without authorization is to install a barrier operator in front of the gate that has a much shorter closing time than the gate operator.

That is, when the first authorized car enters, the barrier operator closes almost instantaneously preventing the second unauthorized car from entering while the gate makes its slow closing stroke. This is one solution because there are also intrepid drivers who manage to pass with high risk of hitting the arm of the barrier operator.

To prevent the vehicles of these intrepid drivers from entering improperly, there is a configuration known as “TRAP” that is one hundred percent safe to prevent unauthorized entry of a second vehicle. This consists of the installation of two barrier operators in front of the grille gate with enough space between them to fit only one vehicle.

Thus, when the first barrier operator is opened, the first vehicle penetrates the space between them and leaves the second vehicle blocked by the first barrier outside. The second barrier operator is then automatically opened in front of the first vehicle and letting it pass immediately behind it. The second vehicle will not have an opportunity to cross without authorization.

Por qué es recomendable adicionar un operador de barrera en un portón de rejas para condominios o edificios para mayor seguridad?

Los operadores de rejas son muy lentos y cierran lentamente los portones dejando pasar al carro que viene atrás. Si no tienen un control remoto o tarjeta de acceso no deberían ingresar sin autorización; lo que significa un peligro para los demás residentes autorizados.

La velocidad de cierre de los operadores en las reja automáticas  está regulada por códigos para evitar accidentes y está prohibido su alteración mecánica o electrónica. Una de las soluciones para evitar que un segundo auto ingrese sin autorización es instalar operador de barrera frente a la reja que tiene un tiempo de cierre mucho más corto que el operador de portón.

Es decir, cuando el primer auto autorizado entra, el operador de barrera cierra casi instantáneamente evitando que el segundo auto no autorizado pueda entrar mientras el portón hace su lento recorrido de cierre; es solución parcial porque existen choferes intrépidos que logran pasar con alto riesgo de golpear el brazo del operador de barrera.

Para evitar que los vehículos de estos choferes intrépidos ingresen indebidamente, existe una configuración conocida como “TRAMPA” que es cien por ciento segura para evitar la entrada no autorizada de un segundo vehículo. Esta consiste en la instalación de dos operadores de barrera frente al portón de reja con suficiente espacio de distancia entre ellos como para que quepa solo un vehículo.

De esta manera, cuando se abre el primer operador de barrera, el primer vehículo penetra al espacio entre ellos y deja  afuera al segundo vehículo bloqueado por la primera barrera.  Luego, se abre automáticamente el segundo operador de barrera que esta frente al primer vehículo y lo deja pasar cerrándose inmediatamente, detrás de él. El segundo vehículo no tendrá oportunidad de atravesar sin autorización.

Iron or Aluminum Structures in Modern Transponder Systems Using Just a “Stickers” in your Vehicles

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Installation of a pole for the reader of access to cars

Before carrying out any new installation for vehicle access systems in condominiums, many factors, technical and structural, have to be taken into account. Firstly, the appropriate site should be chosen. It must not hinder traffic in order to lift the aluminum iron structures that support the weight of motors, intercoms and other electronic equipment. These include the transponder reader, which transmits signals to the transponder stickers (or windshield tag) that are placed on cars to open the gates or other mode of entry.

(stickers transponder)

A good design, location and appropriate spaciousness will prevent the condominium an endless series of headaches and also problems such as lawsuits, especially with firefighters. Nothing should be assumed.  Everything must be in its place, secured, and above all, following all security and building codes for the facilities.

Control System Gate has given its customers peace of mind since 2005, working with its licensed partners and expert sellers and builders of the best iron structures for all types of condominium access systems.

Estructuras de Hierro o Aluminio en los Nuevos Sistemas para “Stickers Transponder”

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Instalación de un poste para el lector de acceso a los carros (stickers transponder)

Reader transponder instalado


Antes de realizar cualquier instalación nueva para sistemas de accesos de vehíclos en condominios se tiene que tener en cuenta muchos factores electrónicos, técnicos y estructurales. En primer lugar, se debe escoger el sitio apropiado que no obstaculice el tráfico para levantar las estructuras de hierros o de aluminio  que son las que soportaran el peso de los motores, intercomunicadores y otros equipos electrónicos como los “reader transponder” que transmitirán señales para que los “stickers transponder” (windshield tag) colocados en los autos sean leídos y abran las rejas de acceso con una señal.

Un buen diseño, ubicación y apropiada espaciosidad le evitará al condominio un sinfín de dolores de cabeza e incluso demandas y problemas, especialmente, con los bomberos. Nada debe quedar a la suposición, todo debe quedar distribuido, asegurado y sobre todo, construido siguiendomlos códigos para estas instalaciones.

En este sentido, “Control System Gate” ha dado tranquilidad a sus clientes desde el 2005 trabajando profesionalmente con sus socios licenciados y expertos soldadores y constructores de las mejores estructuras de hierro para todo tipo de sistemas de ACCESO condominios.