How to Repair Most Common Problems with Electronic Gates

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The sliding door wheels – usually with chains – can get jammed with branches from trees, children’s toys, garbage containers, and pots with plants if they are placed in the path of the electric gate opening.

One way to prevent these moving doors from causing problems when entering or exiting while using your remote control is to keep the lane through which the wheels pass clean.

If the electric gate has tripped over an object, it may be dismantled or derailed. There are many ways to this problem. Before attempting any solutions, it’s important to first TURN OFF THE ELECTRICITY AND POWER OF THE GATE as a safety measure to avoid an accident. Then, the electric gate can be adjusted and placed back on its lane.

This may solve about 80% of the most common sliding grid problems.

Do not attempt to try this by yourself because it can be dangerous or even fatal if the electric gate moves and hits you. It’s best to call a specialist so your electric gate always operates properly.