Remote Access Control



You can have an automated access to your private or residential housing with one click entries.

Control Remoto Para Portones

Tenga el acceso de las entradas automatizadas de su vivienda particular o residencial con un solo click de acuerdo a su sistema instalado.

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New Access Technology: Transponder System for Gated communities in Florida


 Easy to install. Easy to use. Long duration!

Best price on the market because we import direct without intermediaries. You can save a lot of money.
One Year Warranty

Transponder System Equipment* for a single Entrance Gate


*We can install it for an additional $260 (optional)

Wiegand RFID System, the control board send the open command to the gate

Control System Gate offer:

  • Stock of all components.
  • Authorized technical repair service Transponder (antenna).
  • Immediately delivery of new tags with customized numbers.
  • All programming codes are the property of the buyers.

Description of your transponder access system:

  • No maintenance.
  • No need to install an intercom and other panels.
  • Range 10 m (30 feet) from the antenna to car windshield.
  • Just 1 memory board accepts 40,000 users.
  • Tags do not need batteries.
  • Tags are nearly invisible and non-transferable.


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