Stickers in Vehicles for Automatic Access to Condominiums and Apartment Buildings

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It is a sophisticated access system that uses stickers (tags) that allows residents to enter their condominiums or apartment buildings safely. It’s more effective than remote controls and access cards that easily deteriorate, get stolen or lost, and allow of people not authorized by the administration.

The adhesive tag contains a microprocessor that communicates with an antenna installed in the entrance of the condominium or apartment building. It allows the radio frequency identifier (antenna) to detect if the code of the tag has authorized access. The identifier sends an open command to the gate allowing the resident’s vehicle to enter safely. It is usually handled using long range vehicle tag readers that scan an active tag located on the vehicle on the windshield, rear view mirror or bumper.

It is an automated security access system that provides greater security to the resident and better control of access by the administration of the condominium or apartment building.


• The tag (sticker) does not require a battery
• The tag (sticker) is small and does not hinder visibility.
• The tag (sticker) can be installed on the windshield, in the rear view mirror or on the bumper.
• The tag (sticker) is difficult to get lost.
• The reading range depends on the size of the antenna. It can reach up to 35 feet between the car and the antenna.
• The system allows you to store up to 40,000 users.
• The system works in UHF band legalized by U.S.



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